Hello and welcome to my blog. This site was created as a classroom aid, a place that you can visit to keep up to date with the goings on in class, to look up past assignments, and ask questions.
Class etiquette and procedures:
For a complete list of the classroom policies (given in class) click HERE.
Perhaps the most important procedure or habit that you ought to form is to be ON TIME. You need to come to class on time. You need to complete your assignments on time. Forming good habits starts now. Don’t worry about what you used to do, or what you were like. What matters is what you do now. If you make up a schedule that works for you, chances are you will complete everything you need to and you won’t have that nagging feeling that you might have forgotten something.
You should make up a schedule as soon as possible that incorporates all of your classes, after-school activities, work, and free-time. Remember, down-time is just as important as “up-time:” we all need to relax, read a book, play games, spend time with our friends and family etc. Just don’t make the mistake of allowing the more pleasant times take up the very important times you need to spend studying and improving your mind.
Secondly, be organized. Keep your notes and assignments well organized. That means being an active participant in class. The more of your attention you pay in class means less time you will need to study afterwards. Additionally, having well kept notes makes studying much easier (if you can’t read you notes, then they are pretty useless, no?).
Finally have a good time. Your education is the most important “thing” you can possess. Learning isn’t always easy or fun, or even make sense when you’re learning it. But if you have good attitude about it; not swear at every assignment you are given, scoff every time you have to do something, chances are you will learn more and it will definitely make time go by much faster.
I wish you all lots of success and luck.

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