Infographics are an excellent way to explain to complex topics in a simple fashion. You combine visual elements into one cohesive whole: such as interesting graphics, icons, pictures, illustrations; font: attractive titles and colorful lettering; text: brief and concise information; data: charts, tables, numbers. These elements are combined to create an visually interesting artwork. Infographics at their core are stories. Successful ones guide the reader’s eye while teaching them something new. Don’t forget that infographics live online, so don’t worry about “regular” paper sizes or printing issues!

There are many free tools that you can use to compose your own Infographics. Google’s Drawings application is excellent tool you can use, with the added bonus of instant collaboration with your teammates. You get a blank canvas, everything is up to you!

I also like, which is is free to use but doesn’t have Google’s collaboration feature. The free infographic templates are great way to try out your storytelling since you don’t have to start from scratch. You can concentrate on the info and not so much on the graphics.

Naturally there are many many more online, but these are two good places where you can start.

What might be a good strategy is to emulate layouts and designs you find from Google searches or websites like Piktochart on Google Drawings. Teamwork, collaboration, and sharing a common vision are your strongest tools.

Finally, being a good digital citizen and leaving a positive digital footprint means producing and creating content that HELPS people. Infographics are great way for you to express yourself while helping others learn something new or gain new perspectives on a topic.

Here are two infographics that I created. What do you like about them? Where can they be improved? How would you do them differently? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Extra credit for commenti italiani.

Here are some resources for you:

Here’s a useful PDF: the_anatomy_of_a_winning_infographic


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